It is very satisfying to quilt some blocks in your free time and just need to pass the time. I found some square fabrics I had.

I am creating two triangles by placing the colour fabric face down on to the white fabric and sewing down the middle of it, from corner to corner. I use that same line made by a special disappearing ink pen, to align my quilting ruler to trim the edges as well as separate the two triangles.

They say it is the easiest way to create triangles quickly and sufficiently while making squares out of two fabrics at the same time, to be arranged into a pattern at a later stage.

I use the Bernina Foot #10. I run the foot along the line with my needle set at -5 (to the left of the line), then I simply turn the fabric around and do the same on the other side of the line.

This is an easy quick method for starting a quilt in your spare time.

Say? Are your interest with Quilting?

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