… to continue with the sunflower project I started. I first used a photograph of a sunflower, then used Illustrator to turn it into vector art ..

I took the vectored art of the sunflower and imported it into my Hatch Embroidery Software for digitising.

This is a simple idea of using something in a creative way and take your creativity further. This can be done with a photograph of any object, person or even your favourite pet.

When you normally import a photo in to Hatch to digitise, it converts the photo in shades of colours giving it a more “realistic” looking design where possible. But in this case it simplifies the photo and creates more of a collage of colours making up the object in the picture, giving it a more artistic feel to it.

See previous post, with video, of how I spoke about vectoring to use to your advantage.. https://tinyurl.com/y6hgv3xs

My little project is far from finished. Once this is done, colours are correctly sequenced etc. I can embroider the item.

I would love to see what an Art Quilt would look like with the same flower.

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